Observations while marketing the Cat Boxes.

Educated people seem to view people that work with their hands as stupid.

Vets in general seem to be nice people, but as with everything there are exceptions to the rule. In the Pet Shop business the percentage of nice people drops sharply. So far only one vet has pulled this obvious ploy, but a few Pet Shop owners have tried it in various forms. First complain about some aspect of the item being presented. The handle is too small or some shit. Then in the same breath say that the wholesale price is too high and ask for a bigger discount.  That I can handle, they are just trying to do business, buy cheap, sell high. This does not really work with me as I have not the patience for this sort of thing. Either you want it, at what I am offering it for, or forget it.

So then I meet Dr P. G. Krein in the posh suburb of Constantia, just the initialed business card gives me an inclination of the man. Most vets disperse of the title but not Doctor Krein. He then orders Bennie to  open our sample box, no asking. Sure enough pulls the above stunt. His superior attitude had not endeared him to me already but his next statement made me think of an experience I had with the medical profession 23 years back. He stated: that the mark up was not profitable enough for him to bother with the Cat Boxes.

I had broken my knuckle and left it for a few days. When I finally went to the hospital and had it seen to I was told they had to re-break it and set it again. Okay so far, and then the trouble started. First thing was I had to sign a piece of paper that stated I would not hold anyone responsible if I died under anesthetic?  Bullshit! Big palaver and it was agreed that as I refused point blank to sign that shit, they would just give me a local anesthetic.  Then more problems, I was told to put on a green gown that let my bum stick out.  Never! Big palaver, and agreed I could use a surgeons outfit. Now comes the point of the story, in a big hospitals doctor’s change room putting on my green suite others presumed I was one of them. Two chaps were talking.

Doc 1. “So how is business?”

Doc2. “Not too bad, another two appendectomies and the books will be looking good.”

I kid you not. The next two people that saw this doctor with ANY symptom that vaguely looked like an appendicitis problem were going to be sliced and diced!

So my conclusion with dear DOCTOR P.G. Krein is:

If you take your pet to this man with a small cheaply fixable problem, he will find a more expensive problem for more profit, regardless of the animals well being.

PS. I am sending  old P.G. link to this, never mind. :}


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One Response to “Observations while marketing the Cat Boxes.”

  1. karen Says:

    Doctor P.G and many other docs could do with this word, if merely to remind them that their clients are aware of their ways and that none should be left unexposed 🙂

    My father and I walk out of Spar passing a very friendly middle-aged lady, who, on catching my eye, smiles profusely. Immediate thought, now that’s different…such openness at Spar! Then my dad’s matter of fact voice beside me: that’s the vet that killed our dog.

    I cracked myself

    Then the nostalgic thought of our Whoof, who went in to her one day to have a minor op, came out unable to retain his urine and matter of factly, had to be put down a few months after.

    Vet who smiles,

    I’m sure she’s lovely

    but now with our Whoof gone, we will never see her again

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