The Employment Creation Mission

Concept to reality

Everyone has ideas, thousands of them. Most leave it just there, an idea, and have a million and one reasons why they cannot put the idea into action. Nothing gets done.

Since I claim to be just a little bit different on my cyberspace profiles: MyGenius, Ecademy and FB, I have put my money where my mouth is. :}

The idea to create employment for hundreds of people all over South Africa is just under two weeks old. My circumstances at present seem rather appalling : No place to live, no vehicle, no money coming in, all that type of thing. No tools, no car, no workspace. Never mind, making a plan seems to be my forte.

This is what I have done so far:

Used my sisters computer and internet connection to get this idea out and seek some funding. Lent R750.00 from her to buy material to make 4 Cat Boxes. Got a lift from same long suffering sister to purchase the materials. My brother-in-law has allowed me to use his tools and garage to assemble my boxes. As I am the worst handyman in the world have employed my step-nephew to assist me, on a promise of payment, sometime.

What is “on the ground” as I write?

A feasible plan to set up this idea all across the country, every major town. The start up cost of each mini factory and the cost of the first box. Bought material to make 4 boxes here. The boxes will be done by Sunday, waiting for the paint to dry.

Next week we will take the samples to show all the Veterinarians and Pet Shops in and around this side of False Bay. I continue to seek funds in order to be able to get this idea moving faster, till then I will sell boxes and put the money into my own concept.

The cost of each box, buying material at retail prices is a bit high but we will source better prices and bring the cost down dramatically.  The  price for A Cat Box is R250.00. (Call me for a wholesale price – 072 373 8393) And as you may have read on my post on MyGenius, the man that gave me the idea, with no effort at all gets orders for at least 10-20 a week!


We now have a few Vets and VetShops as regular clients as well as building a few custom colour boxes!

Fished Product


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4 Responses to “The Employment Creation Mission”

  1. Wholesale South Africa Says:

    If you have to sign or create an employment contract, you should have an employment law attorney to assist you. Wholesale South Africa

  2. waynebisset Says:

    I am operating on a non existing budget at present. I agree with you but attorneys are very expensive. I will get there. :}

  3. bryan Wilcocks Says:

    Hi Wayne

    I would be interested in this concept of yours as I also need something to occupy myself with what would it take to set up shop and get the plans from you for making these boxes it l;ooks like a real good consept

    Thank you

    Bryan wilcocks

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