Social Media and email marketing combined

With the explosive power of Social Media Marketing I have noticed some seem to now be neglecting the other means of advertising, like email and newsletters. It would be far more intelligent to make a combination of the two, using the emails to drive traffic not only to your website but your SMM sites as well. I used this method for a company and the results are written below.

Section Eight E-Data News.

If you have been playing with the idea of using this advertising medium, now is the time. If you have any doubts about the efficiency of this marketing these are the results on one mail drop for ECE Communications:

With only one Newsletter, a very simple text only, no embedded pictures, only ECE’s website link, the response was as follows. Within two weeks!

News letter was sent to Hospitality data (6000 of) and only 1000 of the other available addresses. (General Businesses)

  1. Hundreds of enquiries. Both for inverter systems and solar alternatives.
  2. Seventy four quotes sent out totaling well over a 2 million rand.
  3. Eleven invoices sent out totaling R158 000.00
  4. Five 50% deposits paid into ECE’s bank account.

Please feel free to verify the above – you can contact Karen or Ben

Price to purchase this recently upgraded data at R1500.00 for the Hospitality addresses

OR R4000.00 for all 35 000+ addresses!

To order: Send order to

We will send an invoice with company banking details and the moment the transfer clears the data will be sent in EXCEL worksheet(s).


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