Guided Meditation – by Rona Marx

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Rona Marx, a Spiritual Counselor,  I am able to put this article up. This is why she feels you should follow the guide she has written.

This was  taught to me in one of the many and diverse classrooms I attended a long time ago. Learning this was imperative in the Repair Work on The Mexican Horse Thief’s psyche.    It  fits in so well with the article Scar Tissue.

Rona Marx says:

I am often asked about meditation and mostly in such a manner as indicates that this is an art form shrouded in mystique.

Perhaps I can offer some clarity and insight on meditation: it is a tool that is most effective in allowing anyone to attune with inner peace and life-alignment.

Meditation is not an art form solely reserved for yogis in orange robes seated in the lotus position among mountain tops, surrounded by pastoral goats. Definitely not.

I fail to remember where I encountered a quote that says something along the lines of in prayer we talk to God, and in meditation we give God the opportunity to answer us back. Substitute God with Goddess, Life-Force, Love Energy, Higher Consciousness, Soul or whatever else works for you. Spirituality is not prescriptive – we all experience it in different ways.

And that brings me to the crux of the matter – there is no right nor wrong way to meditate. You will know that it is working for you when you start to feel more at peace and in tune with your life. It is, indeed, that simple.

Meditation is any activity that allows you to be more mindful. In meditation, you connect with the Wisdom of the Universe and it mostly feels rather peaceful, wise and insightful here.

You may connect with some uncomfortable emotions during meditation and this is not a good nor a bad thing. What is most helpful in such instances, is to sit with the emotion. Just being with whatever is going on inside of you, without judgement, is very healing. This will indicate to you where your wounding is and you do not need to rush in and try and fix it straight away.

Simply being mindful of your pain / fear / anxiety / anger / frustration / lack of self-worth or any other indefinable emotions you may be experiencing during meditation, creates an awareness in you that something needs healing. Once you acknowledge this and open yourself up to the healing, the form of healing will find you. Teachers, literature, workshops or mere incidents will turn up when you are ready and, since you are now aware of your wounding, these will all offer opportunities for you to heal and grow.

It is very important not to judge your wounding. Accept it. It is there. It is neither good nor bad, right nor wrong. It is simply an emotional response that was triggered by certain incidents in your past. The usefulness of healing our wounds is that they may be creating repeated self-sabotaging behavioral patterns in our lives. They taint our perceptions in a repetitive cycle of re-creating the same circumstances for wounding over and over again. We can free ourselves from these patterns by being aware of our wounds and not perpetually being slaves to them.

Sometimes wounds are not healed. We simply understand that they are there and we learn to live with them. However, we are no longer emotional slaves to them – we own them and then we can make conscious choices not to act or react in the same ways as before. This is a most powerful state of being, for it allows us to consciously change our behaviors, despite the depths of our wounding.

Getting back to meditation, there are hundreds of ways to  apply it in our daily lives. Any activity that is repetitive or calming or that makes us feel centered is meditative. This can be cycling, walking, fishing, gardening, diving, washing the dishes, dancing, cleaning or polishing and driving, especially long-distance driving.

Once you immerse your full attention in whatever it is that you are doing and experiencing the right here and right now, you are meditating. Your thoughts may wander and let them – they are always on their own little mission anyway.

Music can be a most helpful accompaniment to meditation. Rock music connects you with your seat of creativity; heavy metal is cathartic and helps you release anger and aggression; classical music is calming; pop music gets you shaking your ass and all sorts of restrictive emotions out of your body. (Holding on to fear-based emotions and belief-systems causes dis-ease in the body, so go on and shake your booty whenever you get the opportunity!)

Being present and centered is all you need to do. Once you are in a state of absolute mindfulness of the present moment, you can side-step your mind-chatter about the past and the present and reach a state of inner tranquility.

And this is where the magic lives. This quiet space is the seat of your soul. This is the place where you can go for guidance and wisdom and knowing.

If you practice mindfulness regularly, you will be able to return to this state of quiet peacefulness at any time and in a few seconds.

Passive meditation has its usefulness too. This works better for some people, as it takes them out of themselves and their current situation into the other-realms of the inexplicable.

In truth, all of these states of being are in one powerful place – inside of you. Discard your ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing and meet your own peace and wisdom in Rumi’s field.

With regular practice, you will find that you can be completely in the mindful awareness of the moment as well as in your peaceful soul-space at the very same time.

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