What if?

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One gets pearls of wisdom all the time, this came from a very good friend of mine, Angus. And just at the right moment too, make you wonder does it not?

Angus wrote:

I was talking to a friend one day about something I planned to do. Actually, I was worrying about how one particular person might react to what I intended to do.

“What if he doesn’t handle it very well?” I asked.

“Then,” my friend replied, “you’re going to have to handle it well.”

What ifs can make us crazy. They put control over our life in someone else’s hands. What ifs are a sign that we have reverted to thinking that people have to react in a particular way for us to continue on our course.

What ifs are also a clue that we may be wondering whether we can trust ourselves and our Higher Power to do what’s best for us. These are shreds of codependent ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving, and they signal fear.

The reactions, feelings, likes or dislikes of others don’t have to control our behaviors, feelings, and direction. We don’t need to control how others react to our choices. We can trust ourselves, with help from a Higher Power, to handle any outcome – even the most uncomfortable. And, my friend, we can trust ourselves to handle it well.

Today, I will not worry about other people’s reactions or events outside of my control. Instead, I will focus on my reactions. I will handle my life well today and trust that, tomorrow, I can do the same.”

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6 Responses to “What if?”

  1. Jennie Says:

    What if you are right about this? I used to be very concerned about hurting other people’s feelings, although I care very much about how what I say or do does affect others, I support you good friend, Angus’ advice on having to handle it well!. I choose to focus on my reactions. Thank you, Wayne.

  2. waynebisset Says:

    Thanks Jennie, I hope to put more of Angus’ stuff up, he is a very insightful chap.

  3. PiterJankovich Says:

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  4. ColtonCat Says:

    Totally agree with you, this is basic psychology that I wish more people would be taught. You cannot control other peoples reactions, you can only choose how you personally will deal with them.

    Also, it is important to remember that when we are doing the “what if” thing, we are trying to project how someone else will react using our own world view, that person, having been raised differently and having had different experiences to ourselves will likely have a different world view, hence playing the “what if” game is not only obstructive to our own development, we are usually wrong in our projections about the other persons reactions.

    You cannot make someone else get mad at you, they choose to get mad at what you have said or done to them.

    If one gets this and lives by this, then you become a free person, no longer constrained by the “what if” bonds we are placing on ourselves.

  5. Wayne Bisset Says:

    Reblogged this on Section Eight Solutions.

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