Twitter or Facebook

Let’s face it, pun intended, we can mess about on all the small Social Media sites as much as we want, they are limited. For now, I believe some will become giants, but most of us need business exposure and we need it NOW! So logic tells me; going along with my Ballistics theory that the two high explosives in this game are, Facebook and Twitter. I am still a twit when it comes to Twitter, cannot seem to get followers, never mind. I am intrigued by Facebook and many of the things that irritate me about the site are the very things that make it so popular. Mmmmm. Look at it from a different angle, how can I use those things to my advantage? The applications drive me nuts, but half the cyber population loves them. That is a lot of people, millions. Branding. The Mexican Horse Thief. Okay I made an application called, “Could you be a Mexican Horse Thief.”

I love playing with unknown explosives! Is this a little bang or will it be some C4?



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One Response to “Twitter or Facebook”

  1. Bill Says:

    300,000,000 on FB and growing is a pretty big “pop.”

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