The Angel Gabriel

The absolute best creature/character in the Bible has to be the Angel Gabriel! With Gabs on your side you would be unstoppable, why?

Both Christians and Muslims believe Gabriel to have foretold the births of both John the Baptist and Jesus.


Look at this mission

After Enoch informed the Watchers of their fall from grace, Yahweh sent the archangels to earth to complete various tasks. In Enoch 10:13, Gabriel was to “Go to the biters, to the reprobates, to the children of fornication, the offspring of the Watchers, from among men; bring them forth and excite them against one another. Let them perish under mutual slaughter; for length of days shall not be theirs.” And so, Gabriel instigated wars among the Giants (the children of the Watchers).

In English-speaking culture, the image of Gabriel as the angel that shall blow the trumpet blast that initiates the end of time and the general resurrection at the Last Judgment.

What say you?



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2 Responses to “The Angel Gabriel”

  1. Yves Says:

    did you really write this?

  2. waynebisset Says:

    The part about liking Gabriel and What say you. The account of Gabriel’s mission, check the link.

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