The Unique Added Value of Social Media Marketing.

Every day on at least one of the sites, someone asked, “So, how/when do I start making money on SMM?” No manners aside, they miss a very important point. By missing this point they cut themselves off from an extremely added value of this game. Because of the I/me attitude they do not bother to connect to people that they feel cannot help them.

Having an insatiably curious nature, I “talk” to every one. People that one would think I would have nothing in common with, people that come from a completely different background, and have very different personalities from my own. Being me, that means 90% of them! :} What value does this have? Firstly, I now know more about a lot of things I would never have looked up on my own, and knowledge has no price tag.

On a more practical note:

Yesterday I was having problems with some gogga in my computer; my anti whatsitsname sees it but won’t kill the bug. Now I have being “talking” to a few IT boffins and thank you all again for your patience with my seemingly inane questions. This morning I knew exactly on which site to find one of them and sent him a, “Please Help!! SOS I am going crazier.” message. Minutes later I got this reply:

Have you tried to let your antivirus remove it?

Here are the details:

More here:

Please put a value on that.

Peter du Toit is the man that helped me this time.

Gracias a mi amigo! :}


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