Social MediaMarketing is Bringing Back Ancient and Old Fashioned Ways


In pre history stories were told around a campfire, the only way tradition and knowledge were passed on. This was a social and a learning process. I bet the tribe’s storyteller from around the mountain told some mean stories, when visiting, about a new bowstring they had invented. Then duly traded the few he happened to have in his traveling pouch for some salt or whatnot, which was scarce in his part of the world.

Books, magazines and TV are not social; they entertain, and sell, one on one. Thing to person. Now what are a social media sites if not a bunch of modern savages, telling stories and trading their wares? No good at the story part? You got a problem; you may end up in the stewing pot!

Old Fashioned

I am old enough to remember when Malls did not exist in South Africa. One had the local market, a café, a butcher, and the Greengrocer in each neighborhood. Most times more than one of each type and separated by a few blocks. I give you an example. The top end had a Greengrocer that did not like kids. I was a kid that had animals and needed food for my tortoises and rabbits.

The mean Greengrocer would not give me wilted throwaways; he was at the top of the neighborhood. George, they were always Portuguese, the owners in those days, at the bottom part of my hood, always gave me throwaways and even fresh stuff when he had no wilted stuff. When my mother needed vegetables whom do you think she bought from? George of course.

So in this Social Media Marketing the friendly helpful guys are going to succeed. We are moving into an age where people will once again know each other as people not just business potential things. Unfriendly, never interact, hard sell posts, little personal detail on your profile? My mother would not have liked you.



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  1. Jo-Anne Vandermeulen Says:


    Love your ‘voice’. I’ll be coming back to read more…:).



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