Entrepreneurs and Social Media Marketing

Entrepreneurs need burning desire, vision, drive and determination. These attributes are essential because entrepreneurs have to continue and succeed where most would quit.  They seem to fit well into my philosophy of “high risk, high reward.” With all the comments floating around, here in South Africa and even in the UK where they have being playing the Social Media game a little longer than us: “Does Social Media Marketing actually work?”  I would say that some people regard the step of putting SMM into their marketing plan and budget regard it as a high risk. The money side is not too bad, but the time factor to get started and do this thing properly is high. If only semi- computer literate it is even worse.  So far I see that this game takes donkey work, more donkey work, some inspiration, lots of learning and even more donkey work.

So is it worth it? I had a good laugh at a rather arrogant chap last night in my very first chat thingy conference. (See? LEARN!) Anyhow he stated he does not think this SMM works too well, because the 2 million odd pounds he made from a site was not made from members on his preferred site, it came from recommendation from members to “outsiders.”  WHAT?


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One Response to “Entrepreneurs and Social Media Marketing”

  1. Jennie Says:

    Well Wayne, I have never made money easily. I have always had to work hard for it. To me, if someone says make money easy – I think its a scam! Am I wrong? Is there anyone reading Wayne’s posts that has made money without hard work?

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