On Twitter and Twits

A week, maybe two ago I wrote a simple little post on what I thought about this thing called Social Media Marketing. I did it for a site that I had only being actively using for 3 months. It good some nice comments and I was feeling pretty good about myself, more than 5 people had bothered to read and reply to my little article. I had written one or two before that and had 2 or 3 comments.

Then things really started to get out of hand!

Before this my quest to understand this SMM I had also joined something called Twitter, and I shall be honest, my opinion of Twitter was that it is for a bunch of twits. I had about 6 followers and when I checked them out, they were mainly dodgy ladies, who may not have even being ladies. I am may be socially handicapped but I ain’t stupid! Because of the business sites (local) that I had joined a couple more people found me and now I had maybe 14 followers. Twitter then introduced or maybe I just noticed it for the first time, Retweets.

I did not like this and struggled to get the twits that Re tweeted me to go away. Information overload. I also joined up, on recommendation two British business sites. There my little ego bubble on my high points and profile view in MyGenius was abruptly burst! These guys had millions to my measly 2000 profile views. This is totally unacceptable, a matter of honor, I would have you know. I fixed my profile took out all the dorky South African stuff and trimmed it down. I then put in some very good photos of African wildlife, reasoning that those would immediately boost my profile hits and comment. This did not work too well, as I write I have a whole 74 profile views on the very large site. I consoled myself with the fact that at least on the local sites I did okay. I posted some stuff on the large site and had some small pleasure that out of the huge amount of people on the sites some of my posts got viewed a couple of hundred times.

Then on the big site I got an invite from another British sites CEO, he had seen my profile and would like me to sign up with his site. We swapped correspondence and I found out he had looked at the South African site and wanted me to get more South Africans to join his site. I did not follow up much as the site is very complicated for this bushman, not user friendly at all. I shall try again as I learn. Meanwhile yet another British person, whom I know from the local sites asked if I would re-post my silly little article on her British site, one of which I had joined.

This is not problem and I did so. Then messing about I had a look at Twitter today. Two people, twits, have now Re-Tweeted a link from different places on my posts! I have 21 followers on Twitter, but between these two they have thousands, so the chances of the names Wayne Bisset, and the Mexican Horse Thief, of being seen by lots of people just jumped dramatically. Then: What if of those thousands, a few Re-Tweet a few thousand more twits? ….and it does not stop. So by stumbling along, mainly in the dark and clueless, I have managed to be seen all over the world! This is mind boggling. So my belated apology for thinking you were twits. Please keep me.

Here I would like to thank Peter du Toit of Social Media IQ , Geoffrey Gordon of Blaze Web-Studio, Romany Thresher of Direct Assist Online and Anton Koekemoer of SocialPress, for the advise and patience at explaining this new world to me.

And the rest of the people, too many to list, that have put up with me and my, my somewhat mercurial personality.



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