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I am brand new to the Social Media business. About 7 months ago I signed onto Facebook after being told about it by a friend. I spent less than 30 minutes on line the day I opened up a profile.  I then did not go onto the internet for days. I reopened the page and found I still had none of these cyber-friends I believed would appear. That day quite by chance I stumbled upon a business site . Similar to Facebook but for business. I was curious so joined and then saw it was a paying site. I still filled in a few details, absolute bare contact details in fact. I went back on Facebook and saw the find “friends” stuff.

I typed in some names from years gone by and was surprised to find some old school and army friends. I then filled in the details of which school I went to and which units I had worked with. I left it for days. I had a bigger surprise when I opened it again, the friends request was rather full. I made contact with people I had last seen in the 1980’s. I went back on MyGenius and thought as soon as my finances permit it I will upgrade and try this site out.  I went on Facebook about once a week, again finances and circumstances permitting, I was just drifting around and using the internet cafes on occasion. Then through Facebook contact was made with an old army mate, he asked what I was upto and I said, “Nothing much.” He suggested I come stay in his backpackers and help him with his Tour company. Not doing much I agreed.

At the backpackers I had access to Internet all day, and not much to do. I opened up to find the business site had become a free site too. I messed about for a while and then got the Section Eight Group idea. My Facebook experience was incredible, people I should have kept contact with but did not all found me. I am or was a very hard person to find, notorius for disappearing for years on end. due to my moving around and strange jobs I take on: and the fact that I never phone anyone. Well maybe 2 people that I kept upto date, on occasion.

The point is the social side it is great to speak to old friends, and through the Mexican becoming a popular post on my thing that is meant to be a status report, (hell why be normal?) I now have “friends” all over the world. I have “spoken” more in the last few months than I have in the last 10 years. In my travels I can go to most places in South Africa and will find a friend or two in that area, this took 5 years of wondering around. So that side of the Social media has proved to be amazing.

On the business side. Before I began to wander around I had a proper job at a profession sound company. I got paid to travel this country and set up agents for the equipment being imported. I did this well apparently, as Music Maker Magazine kept printing article about what I was doing. My foreign boss said I had accomplished his 5 year plan in the agent set up division, in 2 years flat. I was never a t home, had one then, I drove 260 000km in one car, no idea how many air miles I accumulated. I basically lived in hotels and Guest Houses around Southern Africa. I ate in restaurants all the time. All this cost my boss a small fortune.

I had set up 30 odd agents in this time and not all were profitable. Still the boss was happy and made a lot of money. This brings me to Social Media. In 3 months I have made hundreds of contacts, learned about things that will be helpful for my Section Eight mission daily, and made friends with a lot of interesting people. That from daily logging in and trying to contribute if I can, and not moving more that 12m from my bed.

Does it make me money? I am not selling anything so cannot say. Will it make me money? Of course it will. I think if and when I find something or somebody/business that really interests me I shall make a bloody fortune.

Since the above was posted first in MyGenius and then SocialPress it has escalated at cyberspeed!


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